$1000 Conveyancing

$1000 Conveyancing

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Client: $1000 Conveyancing

Website (landing page): https://1000conveyancing.com.au/

Services: Website Design, Web Development, Website Hosting and Google Ads.


Our client had a website. But it failed to produce sufficient results.

It also failed to reflect the quality of service they provide to their clients.

Our client wanted to get more quality leads and have a website they are proud of.


Our client signed up for a strategy session. We discussed their objectives and answered a few specific law firm marketing questions.

Following this, our client received a proposal, which was accepted.

Once the deposit was paid, our client completed the intake document. This asked guided questions that gave us in-depth information about their business.

The project was managed through Asana, emails, calls and text messages.


Legalsites created a landing page website using WordPress. And optimised it for SEO and lead generation.

We also did the copywriting.

Then we launched their Google Ads campaign.

Targeting Sydney NSW.

Our client wanted quality conveyancing leads.

They provide online conveyancing.

And our client was on a budget.

This is why we suggested a landing page with a Google Ads campaign.

Results and new website

Our client is receiving high-quality conveyancing leads throughout Sydney and NSW.

We continue to manage their Google Ads campaign.

Optimising it for lead generation, while making it cost-effective.

Google review

Our client wrote us a 5-star Google review:

$1000 conveyancing google review for legalsites sydney

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