How to get more Google Reviews (without annoying your clients) (ep 26)

Episode 26

How to get more Google Reviews (without annoying your clients)

I’ve also included an email template!

Steal this email template to get more GOOGLE REVIEWS for your law firm:

Hi (name)

It’s been a pleasure working on (insert details of matter)

Many of our clients find us from referrals and word of mouth

And they really enjoy reading our online reviews

With this in mind, would you please consider leaving us a Google review?

This link will take you to the right place (insert the link)

Either way, thanks again for choosing us

All the best,
(Insert your name and email footer)

Where can you find a link for people to leave reviews?

Login to your Google My Business account. That’s where you’ll find the direct link.

What do you think of this email template?

How would you improve it?

Any tips on getting reviews?

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