Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

5 Proven Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

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Looking for law firm newsletter ideas?

These proven legal newsletter samples can help your law firm get new clients with email marketing.

Let’s get started.

Repurpose popular blog posts

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Yes, you can include a full blog post in a law firm email newsletter.

Just make sure you link to the original post.

This will drive traffic to your site.

Why bother adding a blog post to your email newsletter?

Chances are, a large chunk of your audience have never read your blog.

And probably never will.

Thus, your newsletter might reach fresh eyes.

If some of them read your best content, you’ll demonstrate expertise and build trust.

This could turn a prospect into a client.

Answer frequently asked questions

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Do you answer the same questions all the time?

Compile a list.

Organise them by relevant topics and answer them in your emails.

You should also have a FAQ page on your website.

And a FAQ section on each practice area page. This should answer specific questions to that practice area.

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Write about upcoming events and community involvement

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Is your law firm involved in the local community?

Perhaps you sponsor a sporting club?

Maybe you created a scholarship?

If so, write about it.

This will engage some readers and improve brand integrity.

It’s also a great way to get PR strategy.


The local media outlets might write about your law firm’s community involvement.

This could help you reach a new audience, build social proof and attract new clients.

Learn more about law firm public relations and media outreach in our free law firm marketing plan download.

Write about news and current events in your practice areas

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Is there a change in traffic laws?

Perhaps demerit points will increase over the long weekend?

Maybe a high profile person or corporation has finally been brought to justice?

Give your readers what they want.

Most people love to stay informed.

However, you might have more success if you provide a unique approach to telling the news.

Think about it…

People can get their news from mainstream and established media outlets.

Why should people get their news from your law firm?

A few reasons could include:

  • Your law firm provides a unique insight
  • Expert commentary
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Maybe your law firm can be the first to write about a story? This is possible if you have exclusive connections with sources…

Looking for ideas? Check out Kelso Lawyers.

They have a niche and unique news section.

Thousands of people subscribe to their newsletter and Facebook pages.

Could your law firm do something similar?

Introduce the team

woman writing on notebook

Does your law firm have headshots of the team?

Short bios?


Write about it in your law firm email newsletter.

Your prospects will appreciate getting familiar with your team.

Let me ask you another question –

Does your website have a ‘team’ page that includes headshots and bios for each team member?

If not, I suggest you include it.

Keep the bios short and sweet.

And you probably don’t need to add the admin staff.

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