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LegalSites only cares about growing law firms. We do this by creating intentional websites and targeted digital marketing campaigns. 

Need to attract better clients? Looking for an agency that actually pays attention? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

We believe in focussing on a few things. Then, doing those things really…REALLY well. 

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Our clients come to us for an experience. They want something better. A service that’s designed for them. There’s no short cuts. We invest the time and energy. The results speak for themselves.

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Seriously, Why Law Firms?

It Made Sense

Our founder did a law degree. He was raised in a family with three lawyers. And, he's rather fond of TV legal dramas (e.g. Rake). So, it just made sense.

It's A Marketing Strategy

Who are you going to pick. The agency that tries to specialise in EVERYTHING. Or, the agency that does one thing, and does it REALLY well? We could've followed the pack. But, it's usually better to take the path less travelled. At least in the long run...

It's About Time Someone Did

Law firms are run by smart people. So, why are their websites (generally) not great? Many reasons. One of them springs to mind. That is, agencies aren't paying them enough attention. Sure, it's 'sexy' to work with the latest and greatest 'start up'. But, most of them go broke. And, law firms are providing an essential service. So, we want to help law firms grow.

What Makes LegalSites Unique?

Here’s a few reasons why LegalSites is the BEST fit for your law firm.

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