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Best 40 Australian Lawyer Directory Sites (2024 Update)

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Today I’m going to show you the best Australian lawyer directory websites for SEO.

In fact, these websites have helped me boost the organic ranking for my clients.

Placing them in the top position on Google Maps.

Here’s an example of our client ‘Hamilton Janke Lawyers’:

To be clear, building directory links is just one element of optimising local SEO.

But it’s very important nonetheless.

So, if you want to save time trying to find the best websites yourself –

This article is for you.

Ready to get started?

Okay, let’s dive in.

The Best Australian Lawyer Directory Websites (in no particular order)

Hit the links to claim your Australian Lawyer Directory Listing

Legal Specific Australian Lawyer Directory Listings






FirmChecker (use this code for a $100 yearly discount on your premium annual subscription: LEGALSITES)

General Listings

Best In Au


Show Me Local



Sensis (Yellow Pages)


2Find Local

Enroll Business

Aussie Web

Search Frog

A-Z Business Finder

Australian planet

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What is a local directory listing website?

It’s a website that allows users to create a listing and advertise their business. The benefits include website traffic, NAP details (see below) and a link to your website (some of them will even provide a ‘follow’ link). As you’ll see below, it’s also a critical ranking factor for Google Maps.

Do Australian Lawyer Directory listings help law firm SEO?

Yes. In fact, according to the experts, consistent NAP details (Name, Address, Phone) on the best business directories is still a critical Google ranking factor. Why? Many reasons. These include link authority, online presence and referral traffic. Basically, it’s a box that’s gotta be ticked!

Should I pay for a listing on an Australian lawyer directory website?

Probably not.

Well, I never have.

Here’s the thing –

If you pay, you might receive a little bit of a boost in website traffic. Maybe.

But, it’s a case of ‘the law of diminishing returns’.

The benefits you gain from paying for a listing probably won’t be worth the financial cost.

And in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t use premium ‘paid’ listings for my clients.

But they still rank on Google Maps.

Which Australian lawyer directory websites should I apply for?

Probably just the ones on this list.

Here’s why:

There’s a bunch of ‘law firm only’ business directories. We’ve only included the best. If it’s not on the list, don’t bother.

Not all directory websites were created equal. Some of them are basically useless. Only use high-quality directory websites.

Most directory websites are terrible. Integrity and branding are super important for law firms right now. So, we’ve avoided any websites that might harm your online presence.

Thus, we strongly suggest that you follow this guide. Steer clear of any websites that didn’t make the cut.

How did we pick these websites?

We use state of the art SEO tools such as and Neil Patel’s ‘Ubersuggest‘.

These platforms show us the actual traffic volume, domain authority and link quality (e.g. follow or DF).

So, needless to say, we only use the best directory websites.

How to get started

It’s essential that you have a business address and a website. I’m confident that most of you have this covered. But, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t clear this up.

I also suggest you develop a Google Sheet that includes all the information you’ll need. This is handy when applying for numerous listings.

What type of information will you need? Well, the best way to find out is to start applying for listings. Add the commonly requested info to your spreadsheet.

Once again, I’ll reinforce the importance of using Google Drive. This gives you access to Google Docs and Google Sheets. Why does it matter? It makes it easier to add several people onto the project. Collaboration is key.

Be mindful that many of these listings will not go ‘live’ straight away. Instead, the website will check your listing for quality control. So, mark it as ‘pending’ and monitor your inbox for instructions from the website owner.

Don’t forget: it’s very important to be consistent with the information you provide (e.g. address, website URL, contact details, etc).

The benefits of following this guide

I’m assuming you’ve heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Perhaps you’ve heard about Local SEO?

This is an umbrella term for the tactics and strategies used to optimise the Google ranking for local businesses.

We’re talking about lawyers, accountants, cafes, hairdressers, etc.

Basically any business that has a fixed location and serves people in a specific region.

So, what’s included in local SEO? Well, quite a lot!

Google My Business, Geo-Tagging, NAP consistency, keyword research, onsite improvements, etc.

It’s a lot of work if you’re a rookie.

But, the only way to build your skills is to get started or hire an expert.

If you want to have a go, a great place to start is building local links.

Specifically, directory listings.

It’s one of the ways we’re able to get most of our clients into the ‘map pack’.

This is a term describing the top 3 listings in Google Maps for a given search term:

Our Local SEO strategy also helps clients rank better in organic search.

In other words, our client websites tend to appear on the first page of Google, below the paid ads and map pack.

This equals more exposure, clicks, leads and conversions.

I don’t have the time. What can I do?

Train a staff member, try freelancer websites (e.g. Airtasker and Upwork) or hire an agency.

But…please don’t pay for a ‘submission service’.

What is it?

It’s a service that will submit your website to a plethora of dodgy business directory websites.

A submission service is usually ‘offshore’ and hires low paid workers who have minimal SEO experience.

Why’s this a problem?

They’re usually a giant waste of time and money. Plus, they can damage your Google ranking.

Here’s how:

  • The websites have minimal traffic, low DA (‘domain authority’) and some are de-indexed by Google.
  • They use old and outdated websites
  • Many of the websites require payment
  • Some of the websites aren’t tested and are no longer active
  • etc, etc, etc.

Basically, if it looks dodgy, it probably is.

Instead, you might want to hire a reputable Australian digital agency.

Need Help?

Hit the link to speak with a Legalsites team member.

Yes, you can do it yourself. Just be mindful of how much time it can take – especially if you’ve never done it before.

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