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10 Best Law Firm Websites Australia (2021)

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Introduction to the best law firm websites in Australia by Legalsites

Here is our completely unbiased guide to the best law firm websites in Australia.

We hope you find plenty of law firm website design inspiration.

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Keane Family Law: Melbourne Law Firm Website

Keane Family Law Mockup

Keane Family Law provide family legal services in Melbourne VIC.

Legalsites provides monthly marketing services to this client.

Including SEO, Google Ads, Web Development and Consulting.

HCD Law: Criminal Law firm in Maitland NSW.


HCD Law is a criminal law firm in Maitland NSW.

Providing legal services for criminal and traffic offences.

This website has been optimised for SEO.

With a clean, modern and sophisticated design.

Check out the case study here.

Adams & Co Lawyers: Sydney Law Firm Website

Adams & Co Lawyers

Read the case study here.

Adams & Co Lawyers are a Sydney Law Firm that hired Legalsites to design their law firm website.

We focussed on a crisp, clean & focussed law firm website design.

Making it easy for people to contact the law firm.

As usual, we optimised their website for law firm SEO.

Heckenberg Lawyers

Heckenberg Lawyers


Heckenberg Lawyers is a Sydney Law Firm.

They’re experts in will disputes, estate planning, making wills, probates, etc.

Heckenberg Lawyers hired Legalsites to build them a new website and help them get clients online.

$1000 Conveyancing: Landing page for Sydney law firm

$1000 Conveyancing

Read the case study here.

This is a law firm landing page.

Optimised for lead generation.

We also run their Google Ads campaign.

Kelso Lawyers: Law Firm Website

Kelso Lawyers

What We Did for Kelso Lawyers

Kelso Lawyers help victims of sexual abuse to obtain compensation. No Win No Fee, over $65 million in client settlements and 30 years experience.

They hired us to build a new website.

Key Website Priorities

  • Easy Navigation. The old website contained a large amount of useful content. But, it was difficult to find. We opened this up with a few different menu options and related content on each page.
  • Modern and Clean Design. We kept the same colours. But modern design standards were implemented throughout this law firm website. This gave it a professional and inviting aesthetic.
  • Optimise for Lead Generation and Conversions. The old website lacked relevant CTA’s (calls to action). So, we added relevant CTA’s and user-friendly content (e.g. videos and lead magnets). It became very easy for website users to find the relevant form to complete. We also substantially improved website loading speed. This is a key factor in SEO.

Grahams Lawyers: Law Firm Website

Grahams Lawyers

What We Did for Grahams Lawyers

You can read the complete case study here.

Find out how we launch new law firm websites.

Starting from the strategy session, planning and final launch checklist.

Doyle Wilson Solicitors

Doyle Wilson Solicitors

General practice law firm with offices in Goondiwindi, Brisbane and Sydney.

The National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme website by Kelso Lawyers

Unofficial website by Kelso Lawyers.

Providing essential information to victims of abuse.

Australia Debt Recovery

Australia Debt Recovery

Australia Debt Recovery is a debt collection law firm in Sydney NSW.

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9 Quick Tips for an Incredible Law Firm Website

  1. Fast website speed
  2. Easy navigation
  3. Onsite SEO fundamentals
  4. Keyword research
  5. Practice area pages
  6. 1x clear CTA (call to action)
  7. 3 USPs (Unique Selling Propositions). In other words, how is your law firm different? Why should a client hire you instead of a competitor?
  8. Responsive design (mobile, tablet and PC)
  9. Persuasive and user-friendly copywriting

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