How To Get Free CPD Points for Lawyers

How To Get Free CPD Points for Lawyers

CPD Points Lawyers and Solicitors

Are you looking for a fun, easy way to get your CPD points?

Why not listen to our podcast?

Approved by Law Society of NSW

According to the Law Society of NSW, our podcast (‘Better Law Firm Marketing‘) is eligible for CPD points.

It falls under practice management and business skills.

Check with your state organisation for requirements and rules.

These may vary between states and territories (e.g. NSW, VIC, WA, QLD, SA, TAS, NT, ACT).

Topics covered in our podcast

Better Law Firm Marketing is the top-rated legal marketing podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Topics include:

Important information about online CPD in NSW

According to the Legal Profession Uniform Continuing Professional Development (Solicitors) Rules 2015 (CPD rules), solicitors may complete online CPD in the form of:

  • web-based programs (unlimited number of units); or
  • private study of audio/visual material (capped at 5 units).

We suggest you ask the law society if our podcast falls under ‘private study of audio/visual material’.

Please send any CPD questions to

CPD requirements NSW

According to the Law Society of NSW, lawyers in NSW must complete ten (10) CPD units each year.

Within those ten (10) units, you must include at least one (1) CPD unit every year in each of the following compulsory fields:

  1. Ethics and professional responsibility
  2. Practice management and business skills
  3. Professional skills
  4. Substantive law

Newly admitted solicitors and solicitors returning from a break in practice

Different CPD requirements apply to new solicitors or solicitors who have returned to practice. See CPD Rule 10.

How to get CPD points in NSW

You can claim activities that extend your knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to your practice needs or professional development. It’s based on self-assessment. See CPD Rule 7.

There are many ways to get CPD points in NSW for lawyers. Including podcasts, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, discussion groups, multimedia or web-based programs, private study of audio/visual material, postgraduate study, research, preparation and editing of articles, membership and attendance at committees of professional bodies, successful completion of specialist accreditation assessment process, preparation and presentation of seminars. The complete list can be found in CPD Rule 8.

The fun and easy way to get CPD points (for free)

Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to ‘Better Law Firm Marketing
  • Put on a pair of headphones
  • Walk the dog
  • Listen to our podcast, learn about cutting-edge law firm marketing, attract clients online and live your best life.
  • …Or you can attend seminars and courses. It’s up to you!

Have you tried our bog?

We suggest you check with your relevant organisation. But reading our blog posts may be an eligible way to obtain CPD points.

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