Adrian Corbould (Turnbull Hill Lawyers): Should law firms bother with video marketing?

Adrian Corbould

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About Adrian Corbould

Adrian Corbould is a Partner & NSW Accredited Specialist (Wills & Estates) at Turnbull Hill Lawyers. He’s also the host of the Battle of Wills video series. Today we dive into the world of law firm video marketing.


  • Why did you start video marketing?
  • What’s the strategy behind it?
  • Have you received clients from your videos?
  • Does someone help you with the production? (e.g. filming, audio, lighting, editing, etc)
  • What advice would you give someone who’s thinking of using video marketing for their law firm?
  • Any common video marketing mistakes you see? Advice on how to avoid these mistakes?
  • …and more


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Learn how to leverage the most time-efficient law firm marketing strategies to get more leads, more clients and more profit.

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