Clarissa Rayward (Brisbane Family Law Centre & Happy Lawyer Happy Life): How she markets her law firm and helps lawyers create a business that aligns with their values. (ep 38)

Episode 38

Clarissa Rayward is an Accredited Family Law Specialist, Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer & Podcaster, Author, Speaker at Happy Lawyer Happy Life

Episode Topics

  • Day in the life of Clarissa Rayward
  • What type of marketing has worked best for her law firm. We talk about social media marketing…SEO…Google Ads…having a great website…and more…
  • Her Instagram marketing strategy…and why it’s a bit different from what many law firms are doing…
  • How everything fits together…from her work at Brisbane Family Law Centre…to the empire she’s built at Happy Lawyer Happy life…the strategy behind everything…
  • If you want an open, honest and fun conversation about how Clarissa approaches marketing & business…you should get a tonne of value out of this episode.


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Learn how to leverage the most time-efficient law firm marketing strategies to get more leads, more clients and more profit.

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