Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions. Topics include law firm marketing, websites, SEO, PPC and more.

Prices are included on our law firm website design page

Contact us now and request a proposal. We’ll also include an invoice. These documents will walk you through the process. 

Yes. 50% will secure our services. Final payment is due upon completion.

Yes. This is explained in the Proposal.

Yes. We offer hosting as an optional extra in our care plan. But, you’re welcome to keep using your hosting service. 

Yes. We’ll show you how. But, if you’re already using WordPress, we won’t need to spend much time training you. Why? We use WordPress too. So, the system will remain the same.

Yes. This is the only platform we work with. See our blog for more information on this.

Yes and No. It depends on what you need us to do.

Want to do your own edits and updates?

No worries. You can do this for free.

LegalSites uses the site builder ‘Elementor’
Even though it’s relatively easy to use, our clients prefer to leave it up to us! 
Most of our clients pay for our monthly care plan. This lets them request up to two edits/updates per month, whenever they like
As a result, their website develops and expands over time. Some months we do more work than others. It all evens out.
There’s a bit of wiggle room here. But, if your monthly requirements significantly exceed the inclusions of our monthly care plan, we’ll need to negotiate a fee that’s more reasonable. 
If you’re a small law firm, this is unlikely.
We can negotiate a fee for ‘once off’ updates. But, we’ve found the care plan provides better value in the long run.
Do you mean plug-in updates and general wordpress updates? Or edits to your website?
The monthly care plan includes general wordpress software and plug-in updates
Otherwise, it’s quite easy for you to perform these updates
Please let us know if you need help with this.
All websites include a plug-in that automatically backs-up the website

LegalSites will develop a Google document that both parties can access. This will include a Q&A section. Once the client answers our questions, we can write your content. Various adjustments will be made to optimise your website for traffic, leads and conversions. These adjustments can be undone at the client’s request.

Short answer, most of our clients receive a boost in their ranking shortly after site migration. What does site migration involve? Well, it’s a bit complicated. We’ll spare you the technical mumbo jumbo. Essentially – LegalSites will upload your new website. We’ll also redirect your domain to your new website. All site visitors will see your new website. It will be optimised for SEO.

Site visitors will be directed to your new website. All existing links to your domain will go to your new website.

LegalSites provide regular reports. This includes information on contact form submissions, where your audience is coming from, traffic and user-behaviour. Additionally, all of your traffic and lead data can be viewed on-demand by logging into your website.

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