How To Get PAID For Paying Attention


Before we talk about ‘attention’, I’m going to say a few words about ‘authenticity’. After all, this post is about ‘attention’. So, let’s see who’s the real deal?

Authenticity is the new buzzword in marketing and the evidence is in plain sight.

Copywriting is becoming more casual and relatable. Businesses are posting ‘behind the scenes’ content. Advertising is generally less ‘sales-ey’ and more conversational. Vulnerability is cool and CEO’s are building their personal brand via Instagram.

So, why is authenticity such a big deal? And isn’t this article about ‘attention’?

Here’s the thing –

Authenticity is a big deal because it’s hard to find. Thus, its value has risen. This is due to a multitude of reasons. But, one springs to mind. What is it? Social media. Yep. It’s never been easier to construct a deceivingly perfect highlight reel. As a result, the masses are crying out for imperfection.

Another commodity is receiving much less fanfare. Which is kinda funny, considering what it is. Already guessed it?

Introducing one of the most endangered species in 2019:


In the age of constant distraction, it pays to pay attention.

Are you bombarded with generic (i.e. spam) emails from digital agencies? Is your LinkedIn pounded by automated messages from ‘business strategists’? Do you get resumes and cover letters that say nothing specific about the position?

Now, I’m sure you jump at every offer. Right? Of course not.


Many reasons. One of them is — they didn’t pay attention.

You work hard. If someone else can’t even read your job ad, why on earth would you hire them? A lazy first impression suggests a lazy attitude.

Maybe this is a reason why Legalsites has done pretty well.

Since day one, I focussed on being responsive and attentive. I actually researched the businesses I wanted to work with. I made thoughtful suggestions. Many of these ideas had never been suggested. This usually astounded me. Why? My suggestions weren’t groundbreaking. They were mostly common sense.

Sure, it wasn’t easy getting those first few clients. But everyone has to start somewhere.

My thoughtfully prepared emails hit the mark. I made connections with law firms that needed help. The ball started rolling. Now, I own a pretty darn good law firm marketing agency.

What’s the take-home message?

Let’s slow down. Take a deep breath. And give our clients the attention they deserve.

When everyone else is on the hustle, maybe there’s an opportunity in doing the opposite.

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