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How To Get Started With Law Firm Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective law firm marketing tool. It’s a great way to reach potential clients. But, many law firms put it in the ‘too hard basket’. Why? Nothing worth doing is easy.

This article will introduce you to the basics of email marketing. If you decide to outsource or do it yourself — you’ll know what to look for.

What Is Email Marketing?

Using the power of email to contact your clients, colleagues and potential clients. Simple, right? This could be a newsletter or a ‘drip campaign’ that educates your audience on a specific topic. You can get creative with your approach. The main goal is to showcase your knowledge and stay top-of-mind. That’s what it’s all about.

Law Firm Email Marketing Best Practices

The first one is a no-brainer:

Don’t spam, ever.

Here’s a few more:

1. Include an opt-in feature when people sign up.

This will ensure they receive an automatic email. They will have to ‘re-confirm’ their subscription. Why? It increases the quality of emails on your list. Otherwise, your competitor might use a fake email to get your lead magnet. This tactic also boosts audience commitment and interaction. Some email marketing software costs money, depending on the size of your list. Thus, you only want people who are reading your content.

2. Add your law firm’s physical address at the bottom of each email.

This is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Why? It reduces spam. Most email marketing tools will make it mandatory. For example, MailChimp.

3. Include an unsubscribe option.

It’s important that people can opt-out easily. Otherwise, your emails will seem forceful and spammy. The unsubscribe option is also the best way to filter out troublemakers. If they don’t like your content, they can leave without a fuss!

4. Create eye-grabbing subject lines.

Most email marketing tools will guide you through this process. Ask yourself, ‘What would make me click on this email?’ Your title should be irresistible. Make sure your titles reflect the content of your email. Don’t become a serial click-baiter. You’re better than the Daily Telegraph.

5. Try to record the recipients first name during the opt-in phase.

This will let you automatically address each person by their name when sending out a mass email.

6. Avoid the following phrases/words that trigger spam filters

Free, affordable, discount, why pay more, cards accepted, avoid bankruptcy, eliminate debt, and eliminate bad credit. Otherwise, your hard-work might be thrown into the spam folder. And we all know how slimy that place is.

7. Timing is everything

Refer to studies to find out the best days and times to email your list. Also, look at your data to figure out when your audience is most engaged in your emails. MailChimp and other tools will guide you through this process.

8. Provide valuable content

Otherwise, your audience can easily unsubscribe or flag your emails as ‘spam’. Avoid this by writing amazing emails that they look forward to. You should be the part of their inbox. They should await your regular emails like Apple enthusiasts await the latest iPhone. If you’re doing this right, your audience is primed to set up a consultation or refer a friend.

9. Encourage your list to forward the email to their friends

This is an easy and organic way to grow.

10. Subscribe to popular lists in a similar niche

See what your competitors are doing. Emulate the stuff you like.

11. Check your emails on mobile, tablet and computer

Ensure it looks great on all devices. Chances are most people will read your emails on their phone.

12. Clear language and short sentence structure

I like to use the Hemingway App. This helps me write content that’s easy to read. I also don’t have to beg my partner to proof-read my articles anymore.

13. Always include a CTA (call to action)

Notice how my articles end in a CTA? It increases enquiries and conversions. Ensure you are respectful and not pushy. Should they set up a consultation? Share the article with a friend? Give your audience a gentle push in the right direction.

4 EASY Law Firm Marketing Ideas

4 Easy Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Thinking of starting a newsletter? It’s a popular approach to email marketing. Here are 4 ideas:

  1. Repurpose your popular blog posts and link to the original. This will drive traffic to your site. Some people might not even read blogs. Thus, your newsletter might reach fresh eyes.
  2. Answer frequently asked questions. Do you answer the same questions all the time? Compile a list. Organise them by relevant topics and answer them in your emails.
  3. Is your law firm involved in the local community? Perhaps you sponsor a sporting club? Maybe you created a scholarship? If so, write about it. This will engage some readers and improve brand integrity.
  4. News and current events in your practice areas. Is there a change in traffic laws? Perhaps demerit points will increase over the long-weekend? Maybe a high profile person or corporation has finally been brought to justice? Give your readers what they want. Most people love to stay informed.

The Takeaway

Email marketing is a great marketing tool. It’s also time-consuming and takes practice. But, if you’re already swamped, consider getting in touch with us. Oh, was that a CTA? Heck yes it was. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck with your email marketing. Leave a comment if you want to know more. Oh, what? Two CTA’s? I’m on FIRE!

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