Jahan Kalantar (Lawyer and TEDx Speaker): Why you don’t have to be a d*ck to be a successful lawyer, how to get media opportunities and finding your niche

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  • Getting over 240,000 Youtube views for a TEDx talk.
  • Why you don’t have to be a d*ck to be a successful lawyer.
  • Building a personal brand.
  • How to get media opportunities.
  • Finding your niche.
  • Pursuing a less traditional career path.
  • Being an entrepreneur.
  • LinkedIn marketing for lawyers.
  • And more.

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About our guest (source: LinkedIn)

I currently practice as a Partner at the firm Executive Law Group where I head up the litigation and dispute resolution team. In this role, I call upon my time as an advocate and a barrister from the Private Bar. My current practice focuses mostly on mental health, human rights, criminal law and commercial law.

Prior to being called to the bar, I was an experienced statistical specialist with broad experience in all aspects of corporate governance, econometric and data visualization and representation including dealing and trading. This also included time spent looking at contracts, commercial transactions and the interrelationship they had with the banking sector and small-large businesses.

I was lucky enough to talk at Tedx Sydney and give my talk on the importance of communication and I sometimes appear in the Media to discuss issues close to my heart!

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