Automio, Josef, Settify, Family Property, Templafy

Automio, Josef Legal, Settify, Family Property, Templafy (Legal Tech Review)

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Legal Tech Website Integration

Would you like to invest in Automio, Josef Legal, Settify, Family Property, Templafy or some other legal tech provider?

Want to automate your legal services?

Saving you time, money and energy?

Legalsites can help.

Our legal tech services

  • Full law firm website integration. Using our specialised law firm website services.
  • Google-friendly website design (Law Firm SEO). Ensuring you receive maximum return on investment. After all, good legal tech isn’t cheap.
  • Consulting and advice. We’ll make suggestions on what legal tech option/s are best for you. Based on our experience and knowledge of legal technology. Our founder is also a law grad. So we have a deep understanding of the Australian legal industry. And what it’s like to run a law firm.

Why Hire An Expert?

Your investment in legal tech needs a clear law firm marketing strategy.

This will maximise your ROI (return on investment).

Otherwise, you might be throwing money down the drain.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you get high quality and relevant website traffic? Or are you hearing crickets?
  • How’s your conversion rate? Maybe you’re getting traffic but not many high-quality client leads?
  • Is your website responsive on all devices? (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Does it load in 3 seconds or less?
  • Does your website copywriting clarify your problems and solutions?

The thing is, if your website is already performing badly, legal tech can’t solve all your problems.

We suggest you fix what you’ve already got.

Then, invest in legal tech.

Because there are plenty of law firms WITHOUT legal tech, that are doing just fine. If that’s the case, you could experience outstanding results by fixing your online presence and investing in legal tech.

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No fluff. No hassle. No sleazy sales tactics.

Just quick and clear advice.

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