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Client: Keane Family Law


Services: Website Design, Web Development, Consulting, SEO and Google Ads.


Keane Family Law had a website. But it failed to produce sufficient organic Google traffic and leads.

Our client wanted to rank for keywords relating to their legal services.

And improve the website’s Google ranking so it could also generate online leads.


Our client signed up for a strategy session. We discussed their objectives and answered a few specific law firm marketing questions.

Following this, our client received a proposal, which was accepted.

Once the deposit was paid, our client completed the intake document. This asked guided questions that gave us in-depth information about their business.


Our client signed up to a monthly marketing plan.

This includes SEO, Google Ads management, web development, consulting and more.

Our first priority was to make a few essential SEO fixes.

And to build links.

Once this was achieved, we turned our focus to the website.

Legalsites created a powerful law firm website using WordPress. And optimised it for organic Google traffic.

Their law firm website reflected their branding, vision and objectives.

This was made possible through our intake document and passion for high-quality communication.


google review

Keane Family Law is now in a position to drastically improve their visibility on Google.

We’re currently working with our client to develop high-authority content.

And various other SEO tasks are being implemented.

In 2021, their Google Ads will be launched.

This will get them clients quickly, while we work on optimising their organic Google ranking.

Website Speed

According to GTmetrix:

“Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 4 seconds. Google has announced that they are using page speed in their ranking algorithm.”

“Lower grades (C or lower) mean that the page can stand to be faster using better practices and optimising your settings.”

Compared with other law firms:

website speed
website speed

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