08: A word of encouragement to lawyers working on their law firm marketing strategy

Episode #08

First, I just want to thank everyone who’s contacted me recently about my podcast.

It means a lot to me to receive so much positive feedback and encouragement.

So…in return…I felt like making an episode that would encourage YOU

It’s not full of technical advice…it’s not a step by step strategy…it’s not some awful sales pitch…(not that I would ever subject you to that anyway!)

Instead…I wrote down a few talking points…hit record…and let myself speak freely.

Topics include:

  • The early days of Legalsites…and what my classmates thought when I decided NOT to be a lawyer…and instead…start a marketing agency!
  • What you can do if your law firm marketing strategy isn’t working for you right now
  • Have you been burned by a digital agency in the past…or invested in a website…without much success? Here’s my advice.
  • How to develop a law firm marketing strategy that works for you
  • Why some people will judge you for having a go at law firm marketing
  • and more.


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