Leap Website or Zaliet Website

LEAP Website or Zaliet Website: Need help?

Does your law firm have a LEAP website or Zaliet Website?

Need your LEAP login?

Can’t edit your LEAP website?

Not getting a response from LEAP support?

Want a new law firm website?

Legalsites can help.

How Legalsites helps law firms

Many of our clients have approached us after having a LEAP website.

They want a new website.

And they want to update it, add blog posts, remove a team member, etc.

They want control.

Here’s what we do:

We fix and create websites for law firms.

And help them get clients online.

Using SEO, Google Ads, consulting and other law firm marketing strategies.

And we provide them with a user-friendly website.

This means they can update it.

You’ll get logins.

Keen to learn more?

Contact us here (obligation-free)

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