Local SEO for Lawyers (Part 1: Basics) (ep 2)


Would you like to receive more law firm clients online through local Google search? If so, this episode is for you.

This is part 1 of my complete guide to local SEO for lawyers.

It’s going to be very specific, actionable and easy to understand.

And in the end, you’ll have all the tools necessary to drastically improve your ranking in local search results.

Leading to more high-quality prospects calling you and visiting your website.

Hi, it’s Brendan Kelso here Law. Grad turned Law Firm marketing

specialist founder of legalsites.com.au

and you’re listening to better Law Firm marketing.

Now. I’m going to start out this episode start off this episode with a really simple question.

Would you like to receive more clients online through Google Search now,

if you’re listening to this podcast the answer to that question is probably of course Brendan.

Well specifically though would you You like to receive more clients online via people searching

for a lawyer in the locations that you practice

in and I’m guessing the answer to that question is also yes Brendan.

Well, if that’s the case then this episode is definitely for you.

Now. This is part 1 of my complete guide to local SEO for lawyers.

It’s going to be very very specific

and actionable with steps and checklists and all of those amazing things.

I’m going to make it really easy to understand if I say anything technical.

I’m going to clearly explain what that means and why it’s important.

I’m very confident that you’ll be able to follow along and get a lot out of this.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge about

SEO or experience with Advanced SEO Concepts to get started on this guide.

And in the end. I’m very confident. You got to have all the tools necessary to

drastically improve your ranking in local search results.

And of course as usual that is dependent on On other variables such

as how much competition is in your area,

but regardless if you use the advice and the tips and the tools in this guide,

then you’re going to get really really good results.

And that’s going to lead, of course two more of those high quality prospects calling you

and visiting your website and submitting online inquiries and booking appointments,

which is what it is all about. So,

let’s Dive Right In in this episode this part of the complete guide I’m.

Going to be covering the basics of local SEO.

So I’ll explain why local SEO is essential for most law firms based on actual data,

then I’ll show you how the map pack works

and that’s a word you’re going to be hearing a lot in our clearly explain what that’s all about.

And I’m going to also provide you with information on the best

way to track your rankings on the map pack

and I’ll explain why that’s important,

but just quickly the map pack.

Back, okay, if you haven’t heard of that before that’s just a term that’s referring

usually to the top three Google Maps listings in a search result.

You’re going to have here the the word s Erp or a surplus Surplus and search engine result page.

Okay, so just take note of that,

but I’m going to also be providing plenty of examples throughout this local.

Our guide and how that actually relates to law firms specifically.

So what is local SEO?

Well, here’s a definition that I really like local SEO is the practice of

optimizing a website in order to increase traffic leads

and brand awareness from local search.

Now, what can you do to improve local SEO some common tasks?

Associated with local SEO include finding local keywords optimizing a

Google my business profile which I will explain in due time

and building out citations,

which will also be covered in future episodes

and that will all be clearly explained and so why is local SEO important?

I think maybe you’re quite interested in this question,

so I’m not going to be throwing a bunch.

Shift random statistics at you.

I think you might tune out if I do

but I’m going to give you some really quick ones that are really

interesting just to highlight how huge SEO is

for local businesses specifically law firms to start it off

forty-six percent of all searches in Google have local

intent and that’s according to search engine Roundtable,

which is a popular online SEO blog. Ugh according to google near me searches,

you know searches that start with near me or have near me in them.

Those searches have grown by a hundred

and fifty percent faster than traditional local based searches.

Okay. So essentially searches that include the word near me growing faster than ones that don’t that

are for local intent 29 percent of all Google

serps so search engine Pages are CRPS contain a local park in the results.

And that’s according to rank Ranger.

So that means that about one-third of every single search engine result page includes a map pack.

Just think about that is huge that just gives you an idea of how much Google is used

for local intent searches

and just to clarify again in case it didn’t make sense

as a serp or a search engine result page is just the word.

For when you type in Sydney lawyers,

and then you get the result. Okay a page with all the results the the ads the map pack

or the organic listings.

That’s a serp. That’s a search engine result page.

Okay. I hope that’s really crystal clear. Now.

Why does all this data matter for lawyers? I think you’ve already figured it out.

But the most obvious reason is that most law firms have one location now,

even the bigger law firms that have multiple.

Students are still targeting clients in the local region

and prioritizing that so obviously local SEO

is huge for law firms because you’re locally-based and mostly service-based businesses.

So moving on how does local SEO work?

Well local SEO works pretty much just like normal Google search,

but when someone does a search Google scans through its index to provide the best results

for that person’s query.

Okay. So that’s that’s SEO.

That’s there’s nothing nothing’s changed here.

But how is local SEO different from standard from standard Google search.

I’ll tell you the way that it’s different is Google uses a different set of

ranking factors to rank the local search results.

In fact local SEO has a bunch of unique ranking signals and what are they?

Well, I’m glad you asked so these ranking signals include the location that that

person is searching from have you ever been asked by Google?

Oh, is it? Okay. We you know,

we check out where you are right now. You got to click that allow button,

maybe more often than not you say no, but if you’re looking for something in your local region,

you probably should say yes, it’s just that a help you

what are some of the more unique Any signals citations?

Okay. I will explain what this means in later episodes.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds now how optimized your Google my business page is for SEO.

If you have a listing on Google my business.

Okay, then you are registered for Google if you have a listing on Google Maps,

sorry, then you are registered for Google my business,

but I will be walking you through how to get started on Google my business.

And how to rank and all of that stuff that will be coming.

What are some of the other unique ranking signals the sentiment of online reviews.

So like the language in the online reviews that you get from clients like is it

positive is it- what’s the type of language there?

Because Google’s actually reading that what else matters keywords are used in online reviews.

So in those online reviews that your clients are really leaving are they mentioning?

Of your main keywords, like words like lawyers or you know,

if you live in if you’re in Melbourne Melbourne lawyers,

are they using some of these location names?

Okay, that’s actually important. Have you ever done a

search and and then if you look into the maps listing it actually will say this

listing clients are saying this about this business

and it often highlight some of the key words there.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I think you’re going to

Start noticing that now if you start looking

for it,

what else what other ranking signals are they’ll just be quick here.

So the number of check-ins at that location shares on social media.

So when people actually sharing the Google my business profile

and also your website on social media,

what else Google the the star rating for your business on Google my business.

Okay. That’s actually quite important to have a good Good review score.

And of course, there are many other factors that are walkthrough in future episodes

and clearly explain for you.

But that’s it for part 1.

I hope that’s really clarified.

What on Earth local SEO is

and why I’m even bothering talking about it

because it is actually very important

for law firms as I’ve hopefully demonstrated throughout this episode now in part to this

is what you’ve got to look forward to in part 2 I’ll dive into the map pack.

I’ll explain how you get registered and actually get on to Google Maps.

And in fact, even if you don’t have a website

yet the first step you really should be going to if you’re starting a law firm.

The priority really should be to get registered on the map pack.

Okay, that’s really going to legitimize your brand.

I do have a lot of young law firms coming to me and going are we need a website?

So we look legitimate and I’m like, yeah you do. But in the meantime,

let’s get you ready. It on Google my business

so you can have a presence on Google Maps

because that’s going to make you look even more legitimate than our website.

Sometimes. I’ll also be explaining how you can rank on the map pack how to improve your

rankings and how to monitor your rankings

and a whole lot of other amazing things to cap off the episode.

It would be really useful. If you left a comment if you’re watching on YouTube

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Maybe you want to just ask me like what questions do Do you have about local SEO for lawyers,

maybe after listening to this episode.

Maybe you’ve got a few questions. I’d love to know what they are.

If you leave a comment below. Of course,

if you’re on YouTube Apple podcast,

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So you don’t miss any more of these episodes covid until next time.

I’m Brendan Kelso and you’ve been listening to battle author marketing.

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