Local SEO for Lawyers (Part 3: NAP Citations, Backlinks, Tracking your Rankings) (ep 4)

Welcome to the final episode in this 3 part series.

Local SEO for lawyers (complete guide).

Topics covered in this episode:
Recap parts 1 and 2 (go back and listen to these if you haven’t already).
NAP Citations.
Tracking your rankings.


Hey, it’s Brendon Kelso here Law. Grad turned Law Firm marketing

specialist founder of legalsites.com.au

and you’re listening to better Law Firm marketing.

Now in this episode. I’m going to give you three quick steps to a better Law Firm website,

and I’m going to Dive Right In right now.

The first thing you can do is to run a free site audit and you can do that Neil Patel.com.

Are probably many other options out there that are perfectly fine.

But I’ve had a lot of success using Neil Patel.com.

He’s one of the probably most well-known SEO experts probably on the planet.

He’s got a YouTube channel has got a very popular website popular blog been around for a long time.

So you can use his site audit tool.

You just go to his website It’ll ask you to put in your website address put that in

and then you’ll see if you scroll down you should see the option for a site.

Did it get that about three seconds or so not three seconds about three minutes or so.

It’s going to crawl your website and give it have a good look at it.

And after about 3 minutes,

make sure you let it finish. It’s going to give you a site audit

and this site audit is going to give you an idea of what’s good about your website.

And what’s not from an SEO perspective.

It will show you if your website is to

Slow what I would suggest you do if your website is looking a bit slow

on this site audit is to go to GT metrics.com

and to do a site our site speed test at GT metrics.com.

Most web developers who are worth their salt will usually go

for something like GT metrics to do a thorough site speed test.

You can use other options like pagespeed insights,

which Which is owned and operated by

Google but GT Matrix is usually more reliable

and will give you more specific

and useful information on how to actually improve the speed of your website.

Now, if you want a quick a little quick win first sight speed you can go

and optimize your images if they’re not already optimized

and there’s a good website called tiny P&G

and that’s where you can compress your your images and makes them smaller.

So it makes them faster to load but to the naked eye.

It’s really quite difficult to tell the difference in quality.

And when you’ve run your site speed test through GT metrics,

maybe some of the suggestions that it gives you might be a little bit beyond your expertise,

especially if you are not a web developer,

which I’m assuming you’re not now you might want to Pay your web developer to fix up

any of those issues that are a bit beyond your expertise.

You can always consider getting in touch with me here at legal sites.

All you could go into some of those freelancer websites like are Tasker that at

least will give you access to mostly Australian Freelancers.

If you want to support the Australian economy,

if you go and use something like up work you really going to be mostly

having access to people who are based in India

and overseas,

so, Are task is a good freelancer website,

but whatever you choose whichever web developer you’re comfortable

with but some of the things that are slowing down your website

might require some knowledge with coding

and other things that might be a bit beyond your expertise.

Once you’ve done your site

or what it does. It’s not all about site speed the site audits going to give you an idea of how

you can make some basic SEO improvements to your website.

So if you have pages that don’t have a Meta description,

it’ll tell you that if you’ve got pages with a low word count,

if you don’t have a security certificate an SSL certificate,

so have you when you go and look at your website where it’s got the

website address up the top in the browser.

Do you have a padlock saying it’s secure or to say it’s not secure if it says it’s not secure.

You might not have an SSL if you don’t have a site map installed the site

or it will probably tell you that it’ll give you.

Questions on title tags heading tags how to optimize your

copy for for for SEO how to improve you at the structure of your URLs and so on and so forth.

But if there are certain things that are missing

or that are quite right it’s going to give you a quick snapshot on how to improve

that now if you are using WordPress are probably going to bang on about this

throughout the entire duration of this podcast,

but if your WordPress user really quite fond of rank math SEO Now I think rank math.

SEO is a better plugin than Yost which is the most popular established option on WordPress,

but I think that’s going to change.

So let’s move on to the next point which is to have responsive website design.

That means your website needs to look fantastic on mobile tablet and desktop.

So all devices. You probably have already figured out why

but the Thing is that probably at least 50% of your visitors to

your website actually on a mobile device

or at least at least probably about

50% or more of your initial website visitors are on a mobile device

and maybe the percentage for returning visitors is slightly less

but I would anticipate that the amount of mobile visitors coming to your website

will probably continue to rise rather than to decline.

That’s why Google is actually now prioritizing the

performance of most mobile layouts over the desktop.

So that means that your mobile layout is probably determining your Google ranking

or at least more so than your desktop layout is you can

go and check if your website is mobile-friendly by using the mobile-friendly test which is owned

and operated by Google just go Google search mobile friendly test and you’ll find it there.

Let’s move on to number three the third and final quick fix or quick tip.

You can have to improve your Law Firm website right now might be slightly controversial

but to have a page that explores your fees and your costs now,

why do I mention this the cost of your services is usually the biggest source of friction?

Action that prevent someone from hiring you.

Okay. So what do you do about the fees and cost page?

So no, I’m not suggesting that you put up specific fees.

I understand. If you don’t want to disclose your fees like specific dollar amounts on your website.

I understand that but it is powerful to address the elephant in the room.

That means you can say that certain things about your fees without actually being super spy.

Pacific look I’ll give you an example the type of information you

could include on this page would be will people pay

for the first consultation when will cost be explained to them.

Well, they have to sign something. Do you have a different cost agreement

for different practice areas,

and I’m assuming you do their ongoing fees are there hidden fees now.

I’m not saying I’m not suggesting that your Law Firm has hidden fees,

but This is on the minds of some people.

They’re wondering I what’s it going to really cost me in the long run?

Okay, so create that fees

and costs page and just address the elephant in the

room because there’s something psychological that if you don’t address costs,

there’s like this assumption that you’re going to be really expensive.

It’s not the same for everyone but that is the case a lot of people will Man,

they’re not addressing costs it all they must maybe they cost a lot

and they don’t want to tell us how much whereas one of your competitors might actually address that

and then that the in the Assumption could be maybe the competitor is cheaper.

Okay, so address those costs transparency

and being open with people from the Star can be really really powerful.

How about that? That was a nice quick short and snappy episode.

It was nice and easy for me. I hope you enjoyed it.

Now. I want to know do you? You want any more tips like this?

I could go on and on and on there are

so many other quick fixes that I could give you to improve your Law Firm website

and get more people to your website more people calling you more

people inquiring if you want to know if you’ve got

any more questions if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in

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but that’s it for the hustle until next time you’ve been listening to to better Law Firm marketing

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