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Firmchecker can help you get detailed client feedback and win more clients. But we suggest you hit the link to find out all the benefits. You can get started for free.

This code will give you a discount on your annual premium subscription: LEGALSITES.

The total discount is $100 per year.

Siteground web hosting

Web Hosting Services


This is our web hosting platform of choice. Siteground has amazing technical support, fast websites and reliable servers. Everything is super secure and easy to use. We’ll receive a small commission if you purchase through our link. You won’t pay more.

Buzzsprout logo

Podcast Hosting


Buzzsprout is the easiest way to start a podcast. It gets your podcast online and into Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Then you can track your show with the most advanced podcast statistics.

Elementor Logo

WordPress Page Builder


Elementor is the easiest way to build a WordPress website. No coding required. We use Elementor to build all our client websites (including this one). We recommend the Pro version. This gives you access to all the best tools and widgets.

service scaler logo

IT Solutions for Law Firms


We’re big fans of ServiceScaler! Especially since they’re also based in Newcastle NSW. They provide IT systems management, support and helpdesk services. Tailored for small to medium law firms throughout Australia.

rob knowsley management services

Legal Practice Management Consultants

Knowsley Management Services

KMS dramatically improves the profitability of small-medium law firms through peer-to-peer business coaching. Involving powerful insights, common sense resources, planning, high quality formal feedback, and practical marketing and pricing guidance. 45+ years experience.

More4Life Financial Services

More4Life Financial Services

“More4Life provides financial advice, financial coaching and financial planning services.

More4Life Financial Services can empower you to stay in charge of your life. Effective financial planning will spare you from the inconveniences that may arise.” (Source:

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