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Brendan Kelso

About Legalsites

Legalsites is owned and operated by Brendan Kelso. He's a law graduate from the University of Newcastle (B Comm LLB Hons). Services include website design, SEO, Google Ads, consulting and more. It's our mission to help law firms get clients online. Brendan is also the podcast host for Better Law Firm Marketing. When Brendan isn't helping law firms, he enjoys fussing over his Labrador (Wesley) and catching up with family and friends.

Reviews from Lawyers


Top-Rated Law Firm Website Design Services.

Graeme Heckenberg
Graeme Heckenberg
Heckenberg Lawyers
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Brendan from Legalsites did a fantastic job creating our firm website. Brendan was attentive and efficient, and greatly improved our online presence. We highly recommend Brendan and his team.
Anna Shelley
Anna Shelley
DWF Lawyers Newcastle (Formerly McDonald Johnson Lawyers)
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Brendan assisted us with our website and SEO needs and was responsive, motivated and innovative in his approach. His customer service was outstanding and nothing was too much to ask. I would highly recommend Brendan to other law firms looking for a freshen up or in the start-up phase.
Adrian Corbould
Adrian Corbould
Turnbull Hill
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Brendan knows his stuff. Highly recommended for law firm marketing, SEO, law firm web design, Google Ads, and email marketing.
David Heasley
David Heasley
IP Infocus
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Brendan is extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He recognized issues with my social media profiles and my web site, that I would not have known existed, let alone how to fix them. He proposed and assisted with valuable solutions. I would recommend him to anyone.
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller
Clarity Lawyers
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Brendan really knows his stuff and is very effective. I would definitely recommend Legalsites.
Kiera Menzies
Kiera Menzies
Menzies Legal (Melbourne)
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As a new legal practice, Menzies Legal needed an online presence. We chose LegalSites to assist with the build of our new website and we are very happy with the process and the product. Brendan was actively involved from start to finish and remained on track and responsive throughout. I can highly recommend Legalsites, especially for start up law firms in Sydney NSW looking for a website which ticks all the boxes at a reasonable price point.
Keith Graham
Keith Graham
Grahams Lawyers
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Brendan has recently completed our law firm website. I was impressed with Brendans suggestions, input and the end result was very modern, professional and effective- all at a reasonable price. I can highly recommend his services.
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell
Australia Debt Recovery
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I've found Brendan from Legalsites to be extremely professional. He is always happy to explain some of the more complex mechanisms of marketing campaigns and is able to adapt marketing strategies based on the current state of the legal industry.
Brooke Keane
Brooke Keane
Keane Family Law
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I changed to Legalsites for my SEO/website/online marketing from other provider a few months ago. I felt that I needed someone who's focus was on the legal industry and understood the various rules we have to comply with. From the start Brendan has been great to deal with. He communicates with me in a way I can understand and keeps me updated with what he is doing.
Peter Kelso
Peter Kelso
Kelso Lawyers
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Brendan did a major renovation of the website for my Incorporated Legal Practice in 2019. This was a highly active site containing over 500 pages. The results exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with his knowledge of digital media and all his practical suggestions. I highly recommend him.
Zoe Whetham
Zoe Whetham
W & Co Lawyers
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Brendan manages my Google Ads. He has gone above and beyond, made the process easy and kept me informed every step of the way. His specialised knowledge of the legal industry is invaluable, and I saw excellent results very quickly. I would highly recommend Brendan's services to other law firms.

law firm website design inspiration

Check out the law firm websites we’ve created for Australian lawyers.

Law Firm Website Design Inclusions

Most law firm websites are finished in 2 to 4 weeks

How much time have you wasted emailing clients back and forth to set up meeting times?

You can automate this by using online scheduling.

It will help you save time and get more clients.

Online scheduling is software that allows people to schedule a time to have a meeting, phone call or video call with you.

The best part?

We can set it up for you.

Here’s what online scheduling does:

Easy scheduling: Anyone with the calendar link can schedule an appointment with you online. They can choose an available time, and you can set how long each appointment will be. Clients love it.

Set your availability: If you want to do meetings and take calls only during certain times of the day or on certain days of the week, you can set an availability window. People will not be able to set appointments outside of that window.

Calendar sync: You can sync your online calendar with existing calendars. So you don’t have schedule clashes. If you have time blocked out in your existing calendar, people will not be able to schedule appointments with you during that time.

Multiple appointment types: You can set up different types of appointments for different purposes. One type for your current clients, one type for potential new clients, etc. You can set different appointment lengths and availability windows for each type of appointment.

Put it on your website: You can set up a “schedule consultation” button on your website. Potential new clients on your website can click the button and schedule a meeting time that suits them. Potential new clients love it.

How do you get started?

Have a look at online scheduling software options. Acuity and Calendly are affordable and easy to use. Choose the one that’s right for you and set up an account.

Yes, we can integrate Leap.

Leap, Automio, Josef, Settify, etc

We can integrate your website with legal tech.

This includes the Leap portal.

Want to accept payments online?

We can add your online payment platform to your website.

Including Leap.


  • Save time

  • Get clients to make one-off payments, or automatically take monthly or regular payments as agreed.

  • Boost your firm’s cashflow every month.

Have you invested in Legal Tech?

We can integrate a chatbot onto your website.

Tell us about your legal tech provider. And we’ll determine if it’s a good fit.

As with all Legal Tech, you’ll need to be invested. Don’t expect a ‘turn key solution’. Invest the time and energy.

Yes, there will be a learning curve. But you’ll save time and money in the long run.

We usually do the copywriting.

It’s just easier for our clients.

But if you want to be involved, that’s totally fine.

Most importantly, our copywriting is appealing to Google and humans.

This means it’s SEO-friendly and enjoyable to read.

Let’s talk about leads –

Do you want people calling you? Booking an appointment? Sending a message?

We’ll discuss this with you and build an effective lead generation system based on your needs.

This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Standard onsite improvements that every design company SHOULD do (but don’t). For example: title tags, meta descriptions, inbound and outbound links, short URL structure, heading tags and more.

We can help you get clients in any location that you choose.


Location landing pages.

Learn more here.

Our websites are responsive. What does this mean? They look great on ALL devices. Computer, Tablet and Mobile.

Most websites receive more than 50% of new traffic on mobile. So, it’s arguably more important than desktop.

What pages should most law firms have?

  • Home
  • Practice Areas/Services
  • Team/About
  • Pricing/Fees/Costs
  • FAQ
  • News/Blog
  • Contact

What pages should a law firm website include?

Listen to this podcast episode for more information.

This is an important Google ranking factor. In fact, research suggests more 50% of people leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

We’ll listen to your ideas, challenges and dreams. This will form the basis of our work. It’s YOUR project. Expect something special. Not some dull, lifeless, ‘cookie-cutter’ website. Our work is hand-crafted for Aussie and NZ law firms.

Your new Legalsites website will help you build brand awareness.

We’ll use our experience to guide you through the project. Expect well-written emails and responsive communication. We’ll guide you through every step of the way. After all, every project needs a leader. 

We’ll build your new website on a private URL. This means you can see what we’re doing – before anyone else does. Google won’t ‘crawl’ this private link. In other words, it won’t show up in search results.

Edit and update your own website (if you want to). How? We use the #1 wordpress site builder ‘Elementor’. No coding required. Most people with a basic ability with computers can do it.

Site migration (i.e. removing your old website and launching your NEW website onto your web address)

How do people find your website? What pages do they use? Which search queries are most profitable?

We’ll ensure you can easily access this information.

Our websites are designed to convert clients from organic and paid Google clicks.

Our websites include high quality copywriting.

This informs your audience and keeps Google happy.

You’ll be guided through the copywriting process.

Say goodbye to cheesy stock photography.

We only use premium images.

We can easily add videos to your website. Just send us the link.

We can include a News/Blog page.

We recommend linking to your social media channels in the footer and contact page.

It’s generally not a good idea to make these links highly visible (e.g. in the header or hero sections).

That’s because it could encourage people to leave your website before they have contacted your law firm.

Once they’re on social media, they might get distracted and never return.

How much do our law firm website design services cost?

Monthly Website Support

Everything you need to protect, maintain and grow your website.

Billed monthly. No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime with 1 month's written notice.

Reliable and Fast. This is how we keep your website online. It’s an incredibly important service.

We use this popular platform to build our websites.
It makes it easy for almost anyone to update their website.

You’ll get daily backups to our secure hard drives and A+ website security. This protects you against terrible people who want to access your website.

We’ll provide 2 edits or updates per month. This can include: uploading a blog post, changing something on your website, adding a team member profile, etc. Bigger jobs may incur an additional fee.

This optimises website functionality and security.

We’re here to solve your tech issues. These won’t happen often because our websites are incredibly functional and well-built.

You’ll have access to analytics and data. This lets you see your return on investment – in real time.

Want to learn how to edit & update your website? No worries. We’ll provide all the necessary training. Not tech-savvy? No worries. Our guides are easy to follow. You’ll be updating your website in no time.

Got big ideas? Just need to bounce them off someone? Or maybe you’re looking for someone who can also provide suggestions? We can help. You’ll get regular access to our team.

Your website content will be saved and backed up every day. Automated. And kept in our secure online storage facility. This ensures your website is protected in case of a security breach.

More leads, more clients, more profit.

Why Us?

5 reasons why law firms are choosing our law firm website design services

Most websites are finished in 2-4 weeks

No Long-Term Contracts

Founded by a law & PR graduate

Optimised for SEO

Copywriting included

Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about our law firm website design services.

Most law firm websites by Legalsites cost between $3000 to $8000.

This depends on your goals, challenges, objectives and requirements.

Contact us here to get a quote.

We usually do the copywriting.

It’s just easier for our clients.

But if you want to be involved, that’s totally fine.

Most law firm websites by Legalsites are launched within 2-4 weeks.

Some may take longer. Depending on how much work is required and how responsive the client is to our questions.

Step 1 – Gathering Content & Getting Organised

Get ready. We’ll be asking you for content. Start thinking about what message you want to convey to your audience. Organise your ideas and send them to us. We’ll show you where to send it. You’ll be guided with a Google document. This will include a Q&A section.

This is a crucial stage of building your website. Remember – output always equals input. So, the more dedicated you are to providing content, the better the website will be. 

It’s also recommended that you have a professional logo and great team photos. Need help? Get in touch. We can sort this out for you.

Step 2 – Site Development

This is where the fun starts. We’ll build your website on our content management system. You’ll also receive a private link so you can watch.

Step 3 – Website Design and Branding

It’s time to add some flavour. The framework is now complete. So, we’ll design the pages to reflect your company’s brand. The website will be almost complete. It’s time for you to provide feedback.

Step 4 – Design Edits and Deployment

You get two revisions. These can be made via email or phone. So, what do you like? What don’t you like? Let us know. Take time to think carefully about your feedback. We’ll read your ideas, implement them, and discuss any suggestions from our end. Final testing will be completed. Then it’s time for launch!


We’ll conduct in-depth market research on your niche. This includes competition and keyword analysis. It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about this stuff. We’ll pick the most profitable search phrases and sprinkle them throughout your website.

Yes. 50% will secure our services. Final payment is due upon completion.

All details are explained in the proposal and invoice.

Yes. This is explained in the Proposal.

But our monthly marketing services can be cancelled with only 1 month’s notice.

We believe in ethical law firm marketing.

We prefer to host the websites that we build. This ensures better performance and reliability. It’s a feature of our monthly care plan.

Yes. We’ll show you how. But, if you’re already using WordPress, we won’t need to spend much time training you. Why? We use WordPress too. So, the system will remain the same.

Yes. This is the only platform we work with.

Most of our clients sign up for our monthly website support plan.

Inclusions are listed on this page.

If you insist on taking care of these services yourself, then it’s unlikely you’ll have ongoing costs from us.

Including hosting, security, backups, updates, Elementor WordPress builder premium subscription, website edits, tech support and more.

But, if your monthly requirements significantly exceed the inclusions of our monthly care plan, we’ll need to negotiate a fee that’s more reasonable. 

If you’re a small law firm, this is unlikely.
We can negotiate a fee for ‘once off’ updates. But, we’ve found the care plan provides better value in the long run.
The monthly care plan includes general WordPress software and plug-in updates
It also includes website edits.
All our websites are automatically backed up to a secure server.

Your ranking will most likely IMPROVE.

Most of our clients receive a boost in their ranking shortly after site migration. What does site migration involve? Well, it’s a bit complicated. We’ll spare you the technical mumbo jumbo. Essentially – LegalSites will upload your new website. We’ll also redirect your domain to your new website. All site visitors will see your new website. It will be optimised for SEO.

It will probably improve. Especially if you hire our SEO services.

Site visitors will be directed to your new website. All existing links to your domain will go to your new website.

You can request reports from our team. This includes information on contact form submissions, where your audience is coming from, traffic and user-behaviour. Additionally, all of your traffic and lead data can be viewed on-demand by logging into your website.

Was your website built on WordPress? If so, we’ll use a plugin that ‘clones’ your website. Then we’ll re-design it. This saves us a load of time. e.g. your blog articles and site structure don’t have to be re-added or uploaded again.


If your website was built on a different CMS, our web developer will ensure a smooth and easy migration.


Most websites will not go offline during migration and launch.


If your website needs to go offline during launch, it’s usually very brief (a minute or so).

Yes. There are plenty on options available. For example, RapidPay.

We can add a ‘pay now’ button which allows clients to make online payments.

Yes. We like to use Calendly. It’s got a free version and a free trial that includes the premium featured. But, most law firm’s can get started on the free plan.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.

Benefits Include:

  • Increase leads from organic Google search
  • Receive carefully tailored law firm marketing services from an agency that’s owned and operated by a law graduate
  • Invest in long-term business growth. The effort you put in now will continue to pay off in the future.
  • Work with an agency that can handle all your ‘internet and marketing stuff’ (e.g. website, SEO, other online marketing activities, branding, etc). Why’s this great? You’ll avoid the confusion of dealing with multiple agencies. This saves time, money, energy and other valuable resources.
  • Save money by not hiring extra staff to handle it
  • Avoid the time, stress and energy that it takes to learn how to do it yourself
  • Spend more time working on the things that you’re already good at
  • Remain competitive in a growing digital marketplace
  • Attract more clients to YOUR business and LESS to the competition
  • Work with a small (but powerful) agency that only accepts a small number of high-quality clients. This means you’ll get our attention.
Have you checked this out?
It lays out how the service works.
Estimated total monthly cost:
Our fee (request a proposal).
Google Ads fee: It depends on the competition. But most law firms can get started for $10-$15 max daily spend. So, that means you could spend $300 to $450 per month. But realistically, you’d want to spend about $1000 per month on Google ads to really bring in the bacon. Remember, you only pay for clicks. You don’t pay when people see your ad but don’t click on it. 
We have a family law firm that’s paying about $1000 per month on ad spend right now
80% of her new clients are coming from Google Ads
Less than 10% from referrals
I encourage most clients to start with $10-$15 max daily spend
Then we adjust the budget once we get more data from Google
Essentially, Google will provide recommendations on an ideal budget, once the campaign is live.
Some days will cost more than others
So Google might encourage a high max daily spend
This ensures your ad keeps showing, even though it gets many clicks on that day
If you have a low max daily spend, your ad could stop showing after it gets a few clicks
This means you’re missing out on potential leads on busy days.
But on some days, the demand might be low. That means less clicks, and less cost.

Got more questions?

Check out these useful law firm website design resources

Need a law firm marketing plan that actually works?

Send a private message