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Legalsites creates powerful law firm websites for lawyers in Australia and New Zealand. This page includes pricing, inclusions, packages and frequently asked questions.​

Law Firm Websites

Save Time and Money

We use cutting-edge technology to generate leads on autopilot.

Look Great on Mobile

Over 50% of people are using mobile devices to find law firms online.

More Leads from Google

All our websites are designed to out-rank other law firms on Google

How much does a law firm website cost?

1-3 Staff

The Solo Practitioner
  • 15 pages max. Client can add unlimited.
  • All the inclusions listed below

4-19 Staff

The Medium-Sized Firm
  • 30 pages max. Client can add unlimited.
  • All the inclusions listed below

20+ Staff

The Enterprise
  • 50 pages max. Client can add unlimited.
  • All the inclusions listed below


Our law firm websites include the essentials:

How much time have you wasted emailing clients back and forth to set up meeting times?

You can automate this by using online scheduling.

It will help you save time and get more clients.

Online scheduling is software that allows people to schedule a time to have a meeting, phone call or video call with you.

The best part?

We can set it up for you.

Here’s what online scheduling does:

Easy scheduling: Anyone with the calendar link can schedule an appointment with you online. They can choose an available time, and you can set how long each appointment will be. Clients love it.

Set your availability: If you want to do meetings and take calls only during certain times of the day or on certain days of the week, you can set an availability window. People will not be able to set appointments outside of that window.

Calendar sync: You can sync your online calendar with existing calendars. So you don’t have schedule clashes. If you have time blocked out in your existing calendar, people will not be able to schedule appointments with you during that time.

Multiple appointment types: You can set up different types of appointments for different purposes. One type for your current clients, one type for potential new clients, etc. You can set different appointment lengths and availability windows for each type of appointment.

Put it on your website: You can set up a “schedule consultation” button on your website. Potential new clients on your website can click the button and schedule a meeting time that suits them. Potential new clients love it.

How do you get started?

Have a look at online scheduling software options. Acuity and Calendly are affordable and easy to use. Choose the one that’s right for you and set up an account.

Want to accept payments online?

We can add your online payment platform to your website. 


  • Save time

  • Get clients to make one-off payments, or automatically take monthly or regular payments as agreed.

  • Boost your firm’s cashflow every month.

Have you invested in Legal Tech?

We can integrate a chatbot onto your website.

Tell us about your legal tech provider. And we’ll determine if it’s a good fit.

As with all Legal Tech, you’ll need to be invested. Don’t expect a ‘turn key solution’. Invest the time and energy.

Yes, there will be a learning curve. But you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Legalsites will develop a Google document that both parties can access. This will include a Q&A section. We will write your content once you answer our questions. Various adjustments will be made to optimise your website for traffic, leads and conversions. These adjustments can be undone at the client’s request.

Let’s talk about leads –

Do you want people calling you? Booking an appointment? Sending a message?

We’ll discuss this with you and build an effective lead generation system based on your needs.

This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Standard onsite improvements that every design company SHOULD do (but don’t). For example: title tags, meta descriptions, inbound and outbound links, short URL structure, heading tags and more.

Our websites are responsive. What does this mean? They look great on ALL devices. Computer, Tablet and Mobile.

Most websites receive more than 50% of new traffic on mobile. So, it’s arguably more important than desktop.

What pages should most law firms have?

  • Home
  • Practice Areas
  • Team
  • Pricing/Fees/Costs
  • FAQ
  • News/Blog
  • Contact

This is an important Google ranking factor. In fact, research suggests more 50% of people leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

We’ll listen to your ideas, challenges and dreams. This will form the basis of our work. It’s YOUR project. Expect something special. Not some dull, lifeless, ‘cookie-cutter’ website. Our work is hand-crafted for Aussie and NZ law firms.

We’ll use our experience to guide you through the project. Expect well-written emails and responsive communication. We’ll guide you through every step of the way. After all, every project needs a leader. 

We’ll build your new website on a private URL. This means you can see what we’re doing – before anyone else does. Google won’t ‘crawl’ this private link. In other words, it won’t show up in search results.

Edit and update your own website (if you want to). How? We use the #1 wordpress site builder ‘Elementor’. No coding required. Most people with a basic ability with computers can do it.

Site migration (i.e. removing your old website and launching your NEW website onto your web address)

How do people find your website? What pages do they use? Which search queries are most profitable?

We’ll ensure you can easily access this information.

Examples of our Work

law firm website design inspiration

We create powerful law firm websites for Australian and New Zealand lawyers.

Featured Reviews

Real reviews from real clients. Direct from our LinkedIn and Google pages.

Anna Shelley
Anna Shelley
DWF Lawyers Newcastle (Formerly McDonald Johnson Lawyers)
Read More
Brendan assisted us with our website and SEO needs and was responsive, motivated and innovative in his approach. His customer service was outstanding and nothing was too much to ask. I would highly recommend Brendan to other law firms looking for a freshen up or in the start-up phase.
Kiera Menzies
Kiera Menzies
Menzies Legal (Melbourne)
Read More
As a new legal practice, Menzies Legal needed an online presence. We chose LegalSites to assist with the build of our new website and we are very happy with the process and the product. Brendan was actively involved from start to finish and remained on track and responsive throughout. I can highly recommend Legalsites, especially for start up law firms in Sydney NSW looking for a website which ticks all the boxes at a reasonable price point.
Peter Kelso
Peter Kelso
Kelso Lawyers
Read More
Brendan did a major renovation of the website for my Incorporated Legal Practice in 2019. This was a highly active site containing over 500 pages. The results exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with his knowledge of digital media and all his practical suggestions. I highly recommend him.
Drew Hamilton
Drew Hamilton
Hamilton Janke Lawyers
Read More
Brendan assisted us with our website and SEO needs and was responsive, motivated and innovative in his approach. His customer service was outstanding and nothing was too much to ask. I would highly recommend Brendan to other law firms looking for a freshen up or in the start-up phase.
Keith Graham
Keith Graham
Grahams Lawyers
Read More
Brendan has recently completed our law firm website. I was impressed with Brendans suggestions, input and the end result was very modern, professional and effective- all at a reasonable price. I can highly recommend his services.

Monthly Support

  • Everything you need to protect, maintain and grow your website

Monthly Support Inclusions

Focus on running your law firm. We'll take care of the website. Saving you time and energy.

Your site will never go down. On the off chance that it does, you call us – not some company that operates cheap call centres in foreign countries.

We use this popular platform to build our websites.

You’ll get a complimentary subscription.

It makes it easy for almost anyone to update their website.

You’ll get daily backups to our secure hard drives and A+ website security. This protects you against terrible people who want to access your website.

We’ll provide basic training so you can edit your site. But, you might need extra help when things get a bit tricky. After all, you don’t want to be stuck at your computer 24/7.

We’re here to solve your tech issues. These won’t happen often because our websites are incredibly functional and well-built.

We’ll provide regular data that shows how your website is performing. This lets you see your return on investment – in real time.

Want to learn how to edit & update your website? No worries. We’ll provide all necessary training. Not tech-savvy? No worries. Our guides are easy to follow. You’ll be updating your website in no time.

Got big ideas? Just need to bounce them off someone? Or maybe you’re looking for someone who can also provide suggestions? We can help. You’ll get regular access to our team.

Your website content will be saved and backed up every day. Automated. And kept in our secure online storage facility.

How long will it take?

Check out our FAQ page.

Australia & New Zealand Lawyer web design agency

3 Benefits of working with Legalsites

Easy Edits

Need to edit & update your website? No problem. All our websites come with our EASY content management system. Anyone can use it. No coding required.​


Let's be honest. Websites shouldn't take long to make. Providing you're responsive to our emails & calls. In which case, you can expect your new website to be ready in a flash. ​


More than 50% of your audience is finding you on mobile. Even if they whip out a desktop computer too, most visits START on mobile. Our clients LOVE our mobile-friendly websites. It's sort of our 'thing'.​

Recent Lawyer Website Launches

Check out this guide to the best law firm websites by Legalsites.

Law firm websites

3 Great Reasons to Invest in a Professional Law Firm Website

We get it. Running a law firm can be expensive. Staff costs, rent and endless overheads. That’s why we create law firm websites that pay for themselves (and then some). After all, there’s no point in having a law firm website JUST for the sake of it. Here’s a few reasons why YOU should invest now.

Maybe you’ve been hanging on. Your existing source of new work has been serving you well. But, times are changing. More people are going online. And, it’s not going to change. Here’s another thought – how many potential clients have you LOST because they couldn’t find your website? Or maybe you don’t even have a website? This can be fixed. Get into the game now. Invest in a professional law firm website that people will actually use.

A day will come when it’s too late. Don’t delay any longer. The best time to start is NOW. Otherwise, your law firm might struggle to gain traction in a digital marketplace. While your competitors grow their firms, your’s might remain in the shadows. Let’s fix this by taking ACTION.

How good would it be to wake up with new client leads? This is exactly what a good law firm website does. It works hard for you on AUTOPILOT. We build websites that generate leads without you lifting a finger. That’s what it’s all about. Your website might even become your #1 employee.

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