So, what's it all about?

The ‘Review Booster’ service is designed to drastically increase your positive online reviews and mitigate the creation of negative reviews.

It works by using automated software.

Instead of begging your clients for reviews, we utilise the power of technology. Every client will go through the same automated process.

Better yet, our method drastically reduces negative online reviews. How? Well, we encourage clients to leave private feedback. This happens before they get the chance to ‘vent’ on a public forum (such as your Facebook page).

Considering how many law firms are neglecting the power of client reviews, this service is a must-have.

The Review Booster

Here's some of the most popular features:

Review Funnel

Collect reviews via customised "review funnel" landing pages and widgets


Embed review collection widgets on business websites, social pages, etc.


Provide a mobile-optimised customer experience through the funnel

Reduce Negative Reviews

Segment positive vs. negative feedback to pre-empt negative reviews


Customise email and text message campaigns, templates, timing and sequence


Measure performance with open, click and conversion tracking

Centralised Dashboard

Respond directly to Facebook and Google reviews from one dashboard

Website Integration

Stream your latest and greatest reviews to your website

Australia & New Zealand Lawyer client review tool

3 Reasons Why We're Special

We Pay Attention

Too many agencies are trying to make a quick buck. Hence, their attention is elsewhere. At LegalSites, we only work with a small number of clients. This lets us focus on doing our best work.

Our Founder Has A Law Degree

We're not trying to brag. But, how many digital agencies were founded by a guy with a law degree? We know first-hand how challenging a law degree truly is. And, we know that this industry is complicated and nuanced. Thus, wouldn't it make sense to work with an agency that understands your industry like we do?

Proven Success

Many of our clients' websites experience rapid growth in their Google rankings. Now, we're not saying this will apply to everyone. But, we do have quite a good track record.

Recent Clients

Here's a few amazing law firms that have hopped on board recently.
Look at their website footer. If you see our name, we've made their website.


Why Should You Invest In Law Firm Marketing?

We get it. Running a law firm can be expensive. Staff costs, rent and endless overheads. That’s why we run marketing campaigns that pay for themselves (and then some). After all, there’s no point in marketing your law firm JUST for the sake of it. Here’s a few reasons why YOU should invest now.

Maybe you’ve been hanging on. Your existing source of new work has been serving you well. But, times are changing. More people are going online. And, it’s not going to change. Here’s another thought – how many potential clients have you LOST because they couldn’t find your website? Or maybe you don’t even have a website? This can be fixed. Join the game now. Invest in a tailored law firm marketing campaign.

A day will come when it’s too late. Don’t delay any longer. The best time to start is NOW. Otherwise, your law firm might struggle to gain traction in a digital marketplace. While your competitors grow their firms, your’s might remain in the shadows. Let’s fix this by taking ACTION.

How good would it be to wake up with new client leads? This is exactly what a good law firm marketing campaign does. It works hard for you on AUTOPILOT. Once that happens, well – your marketing campaign might even become your #1 employee. But, let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we?

Featured Reviews

We've Got Nothing To Hide

Looking for prices? We’re happy to show you. Here’s the thing – we believe in transparency. LegalSites ONLY serves law firms. Thus, we’re able to predict (within reason) how much work is required for each project. Yes, each law firm is different. But, you have much more in common with another law firm than a carpenter. So, while our competitors are serving EVERYONE, we’re doing one thing – and doing it really well. 

*All prices are exclusive of GST*

So, how much does it all cost?

Check out the prices below. We’re not the most-expensive. But, we’re not the cheapest. Get in touch if you appreciate the value of law firm marketing. Let’s bounce around some ideas!

Review Booster

Prices start at:
$ 195
per month
  • You'll receive everything listed above - and more. Get in touch now. We'll explain how this package can provide outstanding VALUE to your law firm.

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