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Why PPC works great for small law firm marketing

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Note: these words are interchangeable: PPC, Google Ads and Google Adwords

This article is about small law firm marketing and Google Adwords.

Let me ask you a question –

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to get new clients with Google Ads when other firms have a bigger law firm marketing budget?

You’re not alone.

Many law firms have tried and failed at Google Adwords.

They’ve thrown money at a campaign and received minimal ROI (‘return on investment’).

This can be rather discouraging.

Here’s the thing – no matter what your budget is, someone else can always beat it.

Take a different approach.

Ask yourself, ‘What can I offer people that my competitors can’t?’

Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of being a small to medium law firm.

Then I’ll outline how PPC for lawyers can help with small law firm marketing.

Okay, let’s dive in.

Some clients will trust small law firms more than big ones. Use this to your advantage in your Google Ads.


Let’s say an asbestos victim is looking for a lawyer. We’ll call him Steve.

It turns out that your law firm is great at asbestos law. You are thinking of starting a PPC campaign to generate leads. Now what? It’s time to position yourself in the marketplace.

Do you think it’s likely that Steve doesn’t trust corporations? Of course. After all, the corporations are the ‘faceless scumbags who are at fault’. That’s why Steve is suffering from an asbestos-related illness.

Steve deserves justice. Who’s going to deliver it? You.

Why would Steve do business with a large corporate law firm? Aren’t the corporations all ‘in bed with one another’? How could he trust them to look after his best interests?

This is why Steve might choose YOU instead of a big law firm.

You’re the little guy and so is Steve.

How to leverage the ‘trust factor’ in your PPC campaign

So, now what?

Make sure you appeal to Steve’s pain points and concerns. How?

Appeal to pain points and concerns

  • Research appropriate keywords. How? Google Ads will walk you through this. You can also use keyword tools. Ubersuggest is free.
  • I encourage you to find keywords that relate to your target market. In other words, steer clear of competitive and expensive keywords. Instead, choose keywords with a decent amount of traffic that people like Steve are using.
  • Create an eye-grabbing headline and description
  • Design a landing page that provides Steve with more information about your services.

Ensure you answer the following questions in your Google ad and landing page:

  • Why should he trust you?
  • Who have you helped before?
  • Did the media report on a case you worked on?
  • How are you different from the corporations that have ruined Steve’s life?
  • Why do you hate the corporations too?
  • What drives you to succeed?
  • What are the benefits of choosing your law firm over a larger firm?
  • Do you have client reviews and testimonials? Use them!
  • Are you recommended on Doyles or any similar guides?

Additional Unique Selling Points for Small Law Firm Marketing. And how to leverage these with Google Ads.

Advantages Big Firms

I have used ‘trust’ as an example. What else can you offer potential clients that a big firm can’t? Relatability? Responsiveness? Personalised service? Dedication? Enthusiasm? Direct contact throughout the case?

Yes, corporate firms can offer all these things. This article is not designed to disparage the great work that they do. I’m offering suggestions on how to position yourself against a large firm. After all, it’s easier for a small firm to convince ‘Steve’ that they hate the corporations as much as he does.

Consider this too – maybe you’re hungry to succeed in a large class action? Perhaps you want to make a name for yourself as a fearless advocate for victims in a particular niche? Use your inexperience as a strength. You would be amazed by how powerful this can be. After all, most people want a lawyer that is as invested in succeeding as they are.

How to use these unique selling points to get new law firm clients with a Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads Campaign

Now that you understand how to position yourself, what next?

I have covered the basics of setting up a Google Ads campaign in previous articles.

Use these resources:

Google Ads Starter Guide

Does Google Adwords work for law firms?

Google Ads campaign management by Legalsites

How to market a law firm (see the part about Google Ads)

After reading these resources, you’ll learn:

  • Which practice areas are best suited to Google Ads?
  • Which keywords should I choose?
  • How much should I spend?

Remember: choose profitable keywords that aren’t heavily targeted by your competition. And clarify your unique selling points.

Need help with your Google Ads campaign?

Here’s the thing – the fattest budget doesn’t always win at Google Ads.

Sure, you can throw money at a Google campaign and receive traffic instantly. But, ‘clicks’ doesn’t’ equal ‘clients’.

Maybe you’d like to outsource your PPC campaign to the professionals?

We’d love to help.

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