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Why Email Marketing Works Great For Law Firms

This article will save you time and effort. How? I’ll teach you what I’ve learned. You’ll discover what works and what doesn’t. There’s no point going it alone. Learn from my experience and I’ll help you achieve your goals faster.

Is It Even Worth It?


Here’s why.

Business Development

Email marketing helps you stay top-of-mind with your stakeholders. This translates to more referrals. Why? One word: visibility. While your competitors stay quiet, you’ll be showing up in the inboxes of important people. Your brand will be a constant presence in the minds of many.

Think about it. Does Coca Cola really need to advertise? Surely enough people know about them? Well, that’s not why they invest millions (if not billions) into advertising. No, they do it because everyone else is. If they don’t advertise, someone else will. This could translate to a loss in market share. So, big brands advertise to remain visible.

Law firms should do the same. Email marketing is cheaper than advertising during the Married At First Sight finale. So, you can remain visible without spending money like you’re Clive Palmer.

Customer Experience

Poor communication is generally the most common complaint against lawyers. Your firm should use email marketing to stay in touch with current and potential clients. Thus, reducing potential complaints and establishing your firm as an industry leader.

The beauty of email marketing is automation. While it’s common in many businesses, law firms are still catching up. What are some examples of automated emails that you can try? Appointment confirmations, follow-ups to clients who’ve had an appointment,  feedback surveys, etc.

Warming Up Leads

What does your firm do when a prospective client reaches out?

For most firms, it goes something like this:

Qualify the lead

Book in a consultation


What’s the problem with this? Well, nothing. But, many clients need a bit of ‘prodding’.

Do you have follow-ups in place? What about general emails for potential leads?

For example, some people need warming up. It doesn’t matter how many follow-ups you send. So, you should add all prospective leads to a chain of informative emails. FAQ’s? News? Featured team members? This will make them more comfortable to schedule an appointment. After all, seeing a lawyer can be intimidating.

Low-Cost / High-Return Marketing

Finally, email marketing is ‘cheap as chips’.

Do you have a small marketing budget? Nervous about investing in SEO, Google Ads, etc? Email marketing is a GREAT way to get your toes wet.

Getting started is the hardest part. Get the ball rolling and learn along the way.

Selling Online

Email is generally the most effective way to sell online. That’s why all the big brands are vying for your email. It’s easier to sell through email. This is what the research shows.

Okay, exceptions exist. But, email generates more sales than social media.


Many reasons. Generally speaking, it’s all about the expectations of the user.

Why do you use email? Keeping in touch with friends, business, study, etc. Why do you use social media? Most people are more likely to use social media for ‘social’ purposes. Whereas they’re more inclined to be in a ‘buying state’ whilst using email.

How To Get Started

You’ll need THREE main elements:

  • Software
  • Email list
  • Content

Execution is everything.

Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Why? Countless options for software, technical jargon, content creation, building a list, etc.

Need more information?

Keep your eyes peeled.

We’ll be releasing more articles on email marketing. The next one will cover:

  • Law firm email marketing software options
  • How to create and grow an email list
  • Content suggestions and tips

And more.

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